Hello all you beautiful people (and ugly ones with totally killer personalities, I try not to judge)!

Bill Abramson here, your Editor in Chief here at MHNN, and I’d like to welcome you all to the wacky, wild,  and wonderful world of your everyday Modern Hero.

Though we want everyone to one day grow up and become a Modern Hero, not everyone can, and let’s face it, some people suck, so to prevent them getting angry and suing us, or just flat out being annoying here’s this public safety message, this site is not intended for the li’l folks, so keep the chillun’ away from here because some of us tend to lapse into crude or vulgar tendencies despite our outstanding lexicons.

The Modern Hero News Network was forged in the dead of night, on what was easily far, far too much to drink.

All the critics said this site would never work. One website to gather all that is totally kick-ass and badical in the combined worlds of Art, Politics, Sports, and Technology all written by one man? It’ll never work.

Oh yeah, well fuck you to buddy, there are  TWO writers on staff, I’ve enlisted the help of fellow egomaniac John M. Keller to fill in when I’m to busy/hungover to blog. Hopefully.

I mean, ideally we’re not both going to be out together everynight drinking and being womanizing assholes in general, right?


Who am I kidding, they may yet be right about where this blog will end up, but we’re going to get there riding a fiery handcart from hell dumping dynamite wrapped like food out the back and punching kittens square in the face.

In. The. Face.


Your Modern Hero

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One Response to Hello all you beautiful people (and ugly ones with totally killer personalities, I try not to judge)!

  1. johnmkeller says:

    (Takes a long sniff)

    It still has that new blog smell.

    Take it in folks, this is the beginning of greatness.

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