What We Missed: Week of January 15th, 2009 Edition

What faces?

What faces?

io9 alerts everyone to possibly the greatest marketing scheme on the planet. Aww breasticles, will they ever cease to amuse?

Gawker meanwhile, gives us all a taste of the perfect woman. Anyone know if she’s single? Daddy likey. As well as something about a ratface girl and an STD? Oh, Paris Hilton.com is infected. That’s not nearly as funny.

Taking a note from the same book, inca kola news sheds light on where we’ll all be moving to soon.

Women controlling major product purchases in male dominated households? That’s something I just won’t stand for on American soil. Wired reports.

Apparently the election of a black president isn’t enough of a historical event for one reporter to understand why some black people wouldn’t want to go to work that day. This is just too good, how do they still have a job? Oh, Atlanta, never mind.

And finally, Think Progress had to let us know about one final time the Bush Administration couldn’t get their facts straight. Fucking moving companies, having to make sweet innocent and vivacious Dana Perino look dumb. Don’t worry Dana, we’ll save you. (Insert creepiest emoticon possible).

They also took the initiative to inform us all where you can let them know what you really think.

That’s all for the Modern Hero News Network newsweek, enjoy the weekend editions.


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