Special Pre-Championship Sunday Edition!

Unibrow of Doom

It's not an authentic Unibrow of Doom unless it actually shields you from oncoming Dolphins or Titans.

Look kids, there’s a new hot trend going on in Baltimore these days!

It’s called wearing a giant fake eye moustache in honor of rookie sensation and fashion diva Joe Flacco’s fabulous Unibrow of Doom. Deadspin link which leads to a Kissing Suzy Kolber post.

Yeah, well too bad you didn’t take the time to interview the furry little fellow did you fuckers?

That sets it though, the only match anyone cares about this weekend (unless you count Deadspin’s psuedo-editors, and honestly, who does?) is a match between Joe Flacco’s Unibrow of Doom and His Merry Band of Murderous Thugs and Steel Thunder’s naked Santonio Holmes pictures!

Does it make me a bad person that I’m rooting for Stabby McStabberton?

Oh yeah, there is another Championship game this week as well. The “other” Championship game is between two teams featuring stars that made half of America collectively scratch their head and ask “they’re still alive?”

Li’l Donny McNabb’s still playing? And he keeps making it the NFC Championship? How’s that working out for him?

And holy shit! It’s Kurt Warner! And Edgerrin James! I’d love it if they somehow convinced Mike Jones to suit up again and take the field for some heroic last second stop after repeatedly failing to tackle a beaten up Westbrook who carryied his team on his back the entire length of the field, only to have Li’l Donny throw the ball successfully to one of his receivers three yards short of the endzone on fourth down.

And while they’re at it, they can convince Dre Bly to come back and play and…. what’s that?

Ohhhhhh. So, that’s what happened to their defense.

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