Special Post-Championship Sunday Late Night/Early Morning Rant: Steel Thunder Strikes Back

Ben Roethlishamburger shortly before taking the field Sunday to stare down Stabby McStabberton.

Editorial note: Beer tsaets good.

Joe Flacco’s Unibrow of Doom proved to be no match for the power of a tasty Roethlishamburger, even without the added flavor of the HeinzWard Catch-up sauce plastered all over it.

That’s not true, Flacco’s eye warmer ended up performing admirably under a great amount of pressure. Far better than was expected at least when faced with the history of the 200 year old Metalic Shine defense. It was, in fact, the lack of the running game that put an end to the run of the Unibrow of Doom and his Merry Band of Murderouos Thieves.

And oh yeah, before all that happened, Kurt Warner became only the second quarterback in all of history to take two different teams to the Superbowl (Craig Morton was the first, 1970 with the Dallas Stars, and 1977 with the Denver Donkeys) thanks almost entirely to the high flying antics of Larry “The Domesticator” Fitzgerald combined with the fact that he was facing, well, the Beagles, who as we all know have a strong history of pulling things together whenever it absolutely matters the most.

Fuck, I’m not ready to live in a world where Arizona makes it to the Superbowl.

If the Lions make it to the playoffs next year, I swear I’m going to have to Ray Lewis somebody.

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