Paper Readers Are Dead, Long Live Our Site

That’s it, I’m calling it. As of 3 A.M. Wednesday morning, the newspaper is dead. It’s death follows the dismemberment of the magazine, which was left on life support about this time last year.

It is unknown how long the Playboy/Hustler life support system will last, but most suspect it won’t be long as the last generation of perverts discover what the internet was truly created for.

Want to poke the corpse of corporate newspapers and magazines?

Well, let’s reintroduce ourselves to uber-large reporter Matthew Cooper, he’s all the journalist circles are talking about, what with his recent decision to leave the sinking ships of Time and Newsweek for the “greener fields” on the center-left internet blog, Talking Points Memo.

All of this takes place only a scant few days after we launched.

So again, you’re welcome.

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