Scott Pioli Puts An End To Hermisms

Looks like the lovable bungling idiot thing wears off quick when you’re bad at your job. Who would’ve thought?

After much speculation, and far too many second chances, Herm Edwards has been shitcanned today.

What’s the plan now Scotty?

Apparently, it’s offering the job to “Iron” Mike ShanaTan former coach of the Broncos, also known as team that handed their division to Marmalade and the Chargers after leading it for every week of the season.

It’s looking more and more like he’s going to take the deal (why wouldn’t you want a primed but inefficiently run team that just happens to be in the same division as the last two teams that fired you?). This might actually make the Chiefs contenders again at some near future.

Low first round draft pick which may be swapped with the Lions in order to go after big-arm  Stafford, combined with Larry Johnson under an effective zone-blocking run scheme makes their god awful offense look a lot stronger.

Add uber Tight End Tony Gonzales (ShanaTan’s favorite position) and they actually might be scary soon. This neglects his total lack of understanding of defense, but remember, Scott Pioli, the tanned exoskeleten that is the ShanaTan won’t be drafting people, and Pioli’s already got a record of helping to draft/trade for strong defenses….

Combined with the fact that my poor Bunkos new boychild progeny hired his brother to be his OC rather than making an effort to stick with an OC who helped sadface Cutlerfuck to a Pro Bowl selection and one of the highest passer rating in the league despite being down to their 8th starting running back of the season.

Have I mentioned recently that Bowlen was retarded for letting ShanaTan go?

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