What We Missed: Week of January 23rd, 2009 Edition

Hahahahahahaha, they want me to believe shes what? Oh, the Virgin MARY.
Hahahahahahaha, they want me to believe she’s what? Oh, the Virgin MARY.

For some reason, Chile doesn’t like boobs. Yep, breasticles take center stage again. Fuck you, stop judging me.

On that note, more candidates for marriage make themselves heard.

Some fat Mexican guy invested dumped a lot of money into the New York Times. Good luck getting that money back. Fun fact, it’s apparently still not enough to keep the Times afloat.

I thought a deal was supposed to be a deal? (Many more.) What’s “liquidation” mean again? And more importantly, who’s going to service that HD I just picked up that fell “off the back of a truck” with a fake receipt?

In sports news (meaning 90% DS links), Willis McGahee is still alive. How, we’ll never know, but rest assured, he is still alive.

Although here’s is someone we’re starting to wish wasn’t.

When did burning something into someones lawn take on such negative connotations?

We discover how badly some mascots kick ass, and some that apparently don’t.

Some asshole retires.

And thankfully, the odds for various prop Superbowl bets can now be found online.

In totally awesome news, some British guy beat his 98 MPH speeding ticket by proving that Honda Civics do, in fact, suck the donkey dong.

Oh yeah, and some black dude did something big or something. Still the only thing anyone’s talking about is basketball. Though this certainly doesn’t sound like that “hopey, peacey, changey” goodness he’s come to be known for.

Oh, and Brian Williams did something hilariously racist. Not to be outdone, other talking heads quickly followed.

It’s all good though, most television personalities were totally hammered anyways. Good work if you can find it.

I leave you with an image of Gizmodo’s ultimate gaming machine:

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