Dan Reeves to Continue Rampage Upon NFL Teams

The Reeves Monster before he destroys lower Manhatten.

The Reeve's Monster before he destroys all of lower Manhatten.

Though our local webmonkey forgets his place by making a post with actual information in it, his beloved Donkeys have more connections to one of the bigger coaching tidbits from yesterday.

It turns out that their former head coach Dan Reeves wants another shot at the NFL. Which is no different than any other year, except that this year someone’s listening.

Not content with just losing more Superbowls than any other coach in history has ever been to, Reeves wants to bring his offensive prowess back to the NFL through the vacant 49ers Offensive Coordinator position, and yes, Mike Singletary and the 49ers are listening.

What’s the matter Mike, was Marty Schoettenheier busy? Or just unwilling to lower himself back to the position of OC?

If Singletary brings Reeves a Super Bowl through the 49ers, I’ll allow my commentor’s a line in which they can smash ME in the face with a cookie tray.

The Reeves Monster has been spotted destroying multiple cities in which the Superbowl has been held.

If you see the ReevesĀ  Monster in your city, don’t panic, just wait it out. He’ll shoot himself in the foot eventually, and then return to the brooding shadows to lie in wait for his next team to curse.

You’ll know the Reeves Monster when you see it, they’re often seen handing the ball off on third and fifteen, and punting on third downs in order to “get the drop on ’em.”

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