As the Nuclear World Turns: Double Down Or Duck And Run?

I'd do him.

President Obama readies for bed.

Gambling with house money,  President Obama has recently launched the U.S. invasion bombing-the-shit-out-of Libya. Now the question is whether he’s going to double down or duck and run.

Our country is out of money, we’re already engaged in two wars, and still with massive deployments in Germany, Japan, and South Korea, and to top it all off, we’re still recovering from multiple natural disasters as well as helping our neighbors recover from natural disasters.

Oh America the Great, when will you learn that being the World Police is expensive, and not so fun once you’ve pissed off the inhabitants by asking for more oil or monies. But both?

Fun question, ask Average Joe what his opinion on the invasion of bombing-the-shit-out-of Libya is.

That smoke you’ll see isn’t your wreck of a car smoking still, it’s his brain trying to figure out where Libya is.

Once he’s got it, if he gets that far, it’ll subsequently explode in a massive aneurysm when he can’t remember when the last time there was an invasion bombing-the-shit-out-of Libya that the United States was involved in. Once he’s fallen over, take his wallet, and run off into the sunset.

You might want to kick him in the face a few times just for good measure though.

Life lessons from Modern Hero. For kids.

Where were we…? Oh yeah….

Obama would be a bitch to cut and run from this, I say he doubles down and throws all the countries money into the bloody venture of war, I mean missiles cost money, right? Tanks cost money, right? Let’s blow some shit up kiddos! We’ll make shit-tons of money while we’re at! That’s how we beat the Great Depression, right?

Though it is fun to watch the international community squirm and run away from the very same bombings they originally called for.

Thank you France, for always fulfilling your own stereotype. Same with you Newt. Has Kerry flopped yet? Seems like he’d be next.

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