That Hipster Vibe

This guy also usually screws you on large deals, watch him. An 1/8 is never and 1/8 and a gram is never a gram. I swear, last time I buy an ounce from someone I don't know personally.
Leading job applicant for your law firm.

“Classy,” “trendy,” “romantic,” “dive-y,” and now “hipster.” Yes, that’s right. Everyone’s favorite group of furry jobless psuedo-hippies have gained status as an “ambience” on Yelp. Instead of being just a culture, a clothing line, a musical style, a film style, and a marketing term, it is now a feeling. Specifically a feeling for a restaurant or bar, but still a feeling. I’m wanting to see Yelp classify other locations by the primary class that visits them.

On second thought, “biker” might not be bad. “Black” may be taking it a bit far.

Although “dubhead” does sound delicious, so does “punk.”

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