Half A Million March for Bigger Government, More Spending

Is her face crooked or is it the street?


In  a true show of insanity and fiscal irresponsibility, half a million people cut school and bailed from work to march in the streets in favor of larger government, and against cutting it.

An unheard of cause in modern America, these unfortunate souls are seemingly immune to the common sense wisdom of a balanced government, and the joys of massive rampant deflation for the consumer.

Gas that costs less than $1? Count me in!

But these Godless heathens want to force us into a world of paying the actual cost of something. They want to give their government employees pay, and have properly paved roads, with clean and efficient water filtration systems.


What wait a second, this is where? London? The fuck? That isn’t news.


Can’t live with them, can’t blow them all to kingdom come.

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