Blanket Buddies


On second thought, I think it says "Drugs Are Bad Mmmkay"
A fort? Maybe? Be nice if we could read your sign there pal….

He is, one man. One man with a dream. A dream, to build a fort.

And with this dream, he will unite the world around building their own safe haven. And this will, somehow, save the world.

(Bong rip).

Yeaaaaaah  man. I’m down.

Here’s all my money, my credit card, and anything else I have. This is why I can’t have nice things.

This all seems like a good idea, until someone decides he’s going to invite every young person on his street into his fort to play “doctor.” This is why the whole blanket fort idea NEEDS to rightfully die as a child, it’s like Thanksgiving dinner when Grammie’s had too much to drink.

It just gets creepy.

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