NFL Lockout-opolis: Second Lawsuit Filed Before First Finished

Michael Irvin after hearing his suit budget had been cut.

In a stunning and totally foreseeable twist in the NFL lockout saga, a second lawsuit has been filed for an injunction by a long list of retired players and a few more yet-to-be players claiming they will suffer the same fates.

The NFL’s stance is that neither suit has any bearing in reality:

In addition to arguing, as it does in the Brady v. N.F.L. case, that courts are barred from issuing injunctions in labor disputes and that no decision on the injunction should be made before the league’s charge that the union’s decision to dissolve itself was a sham is decided by the National Labor Relations Board, the N.F.L. says that this lawsuit is unlikely to succeed on its merits because the plaintiffs lack standing and can not allege antitrust injury.

Considering that each player still made more than most Americans do in a lifetime, I can’t say they’re wrong.

It’s not the NFL’s fault that retired players blew their money on things like houses, and cars, and healthcare, while the owners blew their money on things like advertising and renovations.

There are no easy answers to life, both are doing only what’s in their best interests. And both are still being total douchbags.

Still, it’s a shame that this is what dominates the news. Not like that’s going to stop me from force feeding it to you twice a week on a regular schedule.

Enjoy jerkfaces!

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