President Receives Award With No Amount Of Irony


President Obama readies himself for the media by running through his speech for an audience of schoolchildren

In a great showing of support for the work our President has done to open the doors to the White House, Mr. Obama has been given an award from the organizers of the Freedom of Information Day Conference for his work in political transparency behind closed doors.

Originally the be presented by five “transparency advocates” at the White House, the meeting was postponed by events in Japan and Libya, and the fact that the media had cameras and the internet.

Now that those things are focused on giant explosions in another country, it’s safe to accept yet another award that has no bearing in reality, whatsoever.

According to Lowering The Bar:

The press was not invited to the private transparency meeting, and no photos from or transcript of the meeting have been made available. The event was not listed on the president’s calendar, which tells us only that he was in an education town-hall meeting at 10:30 on Monday, and then apparently just lounged around until he went on TV at 7:30 (to tell us why he had transparently and unilaterally decided to start bombing another country a couple of weeks before without telling Congress). Nor is the award mentioned anywhere on the White House website, including on the page devoted to transparency and good government.

This leads me to another question, is President Obama just a giant performance artist elected to the highest seat in the land?

“I think this is a particularly bad situation and I’m not going to try to defend the president on that,” said Gary Bass, founder of OMB Watch, who was allegedly part of the alleged meeting. It was “crazy stupid” to keep it a secret, said another alleged attendee, Danielle Brian of the Project on Government Oversight. “Someone on the White House staff should get their butt kicked for this one.”

They did insist that Obama deserved the award, not because his is necessarily the “most open and transparent administration in history,” as he promised; or because he has taken steps to protect whistleblowers, because he hasn’t; but because he has at least started to change the fetish for classifying any and all information that the government has had in the past. Still, they were not pleased with him about the closed meeting on openness.

“It’s almost a theater of the absurd to have an award on transparency that isn’t transparent,” said Bass. “The irony is,” he continued, “that everything the President said [about transparency] was spot-on. I wish people had heard what he had to say.”

I’ll leave you with this, and let you decide:

Theatre of the Absurd

is a designation for plays of absurdist fiction, written by a number of playwrights from the late 1940s to the 1960s, as well as the theatre which has evolved from their work. It expressed the belief that, in a godless universe, human existence has no meaning or purpose and therefore all communication breaks down. Logical construction and argument gives way to irrational and illogical speech and to its ultimate conclusion, silence.

Draw your own conclusions.

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