Fake Bombs Plot To Destroy Balloon Museum

Why do the the batshit insano's always have enough money for a decent car?

Stowing themselves secretly into the back seat, they remained motionless long after they had reached their destination.

In yet another recent example of the sentient machine’s war against mankind, a set of non-explosive “fake” bombs was found in an intimidating black car parked in front of the balloon museum.

Yes, that’s right, the balloon museum.

The hunt was quickly on for whatever dastardly villain had parked the frightening looking unmarked car with bombs inside of it outside of such a harmless and fun location.

(I keep thinking of the funny voice epidemic that would plague the Southwest were all that helium to escape).

Thankfully the good, intelligent police officers of the Albuquerque police realized this was out of their league and called in the ATF, the bomb squad, and the FBI.

They quickly blocked down the roads, had a few smokes, and then found out they were fake. Then they got angry.

A man who says his name is Michael Murphy was testing what he calls “anti terrorism devices.”

“We developed a suicide bomb detection, standoff suicide bomb, car bomb protection and buried IED detection. We’re trying to get it to the market and we’re out doing testing,” Murphy said.

Police tell News 13 they could not charge Murphy with anything because he didn’t threaten anyone, and the devices didn’t contain explosives. Murphy says is not making any apologies and would do it again.

Brass balls, baby.

Clearly he is not out to attack anyone, just be a colossal douche and inconvenience the hell out of everyone else.

I have my suspicions about the fake bombs themselves. Something tells me if they had actually been loaded….

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