Kevin Smith Not Ready To Be Kevin Smith

The sanest he'll look all day.

In a shocking twist on common sense and fan appreciation, Kevin Smith has recently announced that after he’s done promoting his new movie Red State he will retire.

Planning to spend the rest of his life hanging out and…. uhh…. doing stuff, he will redefine the way we think of pothead slackers on the couch much the same way he redefined the way we though of pothead slackers on the couch.

All jokes aside, Smith may have great reason to leave, he now makes more in a year making the speech-giving circuit than he did in a year making enormous successes for Miramax. Not to mention the filmmaking years that included bombs such as Jersey Girl.

“I’m so, like, sick of movies and shit,” Smith tells the Denver audience. “All I want to do is talk, talk, talk.”

And why wouldn’t he, even in the best of his films that’s what he has always been good at. Talking.

It’s that whole filmmaking aspect that’s always dragged him down. Good thing that now he can get around to doing what he’s good at for a living.

Dream on Kevin, dream on.

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