The Case of the Magically Disappearing/Reappearing Votes

Meet the smartest woman in Wisconsin.

When 14,000 votes go unrecorded in a state election, you might think someone would take notice.

When those 14,000 votes reappear and swing the state of an election to an entirely different judge, you might think some questions would be asked.

When the person who “found” those 14,000 votes turns out to have spent the past decade working for the newly winning  judge those votes swung the election for, I would think the questioning time would be over.

But this is America. And more specifically, this is Wisconsin. The state that has recently decided that state workers no longer have the freedom to assemble, unionize, or possibly even communicate amongst one another in anything more than a mysterious language of blinks, clicks, and foot taps.

So of course nobody’s asking any questions when Herr Fuhrer Scott Walker’s puppet judge is re-elected in a landslide.

For nearly two months, Wisconsin has been in the national spotlight regarding a bill Gov. Walker introduced that erodes union power in the state.

Late last month, a circuit court judge issued a temporary restraining order barring the bill from becoming law, saying more time was needed to review the procedure Senate Republicans took to push the bill through in order to make it law.

The Walker administration says the legality of its actions is sound and has moved forward in adopting the law.

The case will likely end up being decided by the state’s Supreme Court, which brought unprecedented attention on last Tuesday’s election, pitting incumbent Justice David Prosser, backed by Republicans, and Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg, favored by Democrats.

Before Ms. Nickolaus announced her mistake, Ms. Kloppenburg seemed headed for victory. She had a 204-vote lead out of 1.5 million votes cast and a recount was in the works.

The unrecorded ballots discovered Thursday favor Mr. Prosser, putting him ahead by 7,500 votes. Nickolaus told reporters that her mistake was “human error” and she apologized.

What’s the over/under on deceased people and pets found within those 14,000 newly discovered votes.

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