Beer: Still The King!


Pull up a stool and grab a tall frosty one, it’s Friday bitches!

We here at Modern Hero can guarantee we are way ahead of all of you on the drinking front. Where have you been? Why didn’t you start earlier?

What’s a job again?

These are all questions that would probably be much better answered when we’re not so wasted. What we do know right now is that you need a beer in your hand. And your stomach. And probably your liver to.

What goes great with beer? How about wine?

Here’s more good news for the wine industry, which is counting on millennials to fuel a new wine boom. A new poll shows vino is the drink of choice for 24% of 21-34 year-olds. The generation still prefers beer (at 37%), but more prefer wine compared with older Generation X drinkers (aged 35-46), who choose beer to wine by 41% to 16%, according to The Harris Poll. Drinkers tend to shift to wine and spirits as they get older, so if the trends hold, millennials are likely to be pleasing the wine industry for years to come.

Hooray beer! Hooray wine!

Yay booze!

Go drink kiddos!

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