Modern Hero of the Week: The Gas God

Every week we here at Modern Hero News Network like to honor just that certain special kind of asshole with a certain special kind of asshole award. This week’s unfortunate contribution to the gene pool is:

Modern Hero of the Week: The Gas God

Gas sucks. We all know it.

So does driving.

But not all of us have the standing in our society to do something about absurdly high gas prices or have a chauffeur to ignore it entirely.

That’s not Georgia Beacon of Ligh Pastor Marshall Mabry, he has a connection to God. And what, do you ask, is a man with an intensely special connection with the divine do with that connection? Pray for world peace? Too sissy.

Pray for politicians who work for the greater good rather than their own good? Too unrealistic.  Pray for lower taxes? Close, but not quite it.

Pray for cheaper gas!? Bingo!

Pastor Marshall Mabry believes that if the community can come together as one and pray for cheaper gas, than anything is possible. If those same people came together and decided to do away with their cars for a week…. Well, we all know that can’t happen.

Where do you hold such a prayer session, in a church? Of course not.

He said it’s the third time members of his congregation have met at gas pumps to pray.

Mabry said he wants to start a movement which spreads from the small town of Dublin to the rest of the nation.

You heard him folks, anything less than the complete inability to actually pay for gas due to all the prayer groups for cheaper gas will be considered a full scale failure.

That’s right, we want cheaper gas, and we’re willing to make gas more expensive to do it.

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