Dusty Baker Continues To Kill Pitcher’s Future

A record breaking 105 MPH fastball AND a left handed pitcher, this man is a god.

The lights gleamed brightly in his eyes. Sweat dripped slowly down his brow.

Aroldis Chapman took a deep breath, and then hesitated. He pulled back and then unleashed his strongest fastball, pouring every ounce of his strength into it.

93 MPH. Ball.

He pulled back again and unleashed another fireball. 92, strike.

This may not seem that bad for most pitchers. 92 MPH, by any stretch is still a pretty good fastball, and with the wicked movement his burners contain, it’s still a rough ball to hit.

But not being able to break 94 is a long way from where wicked hurler demi-god Aroldis Chapman is used to.

The average fastball in baseball is 89 MPH. Aroldis Chapman fastball had averaged around 101 mph until his last two games.

What does genius pitching manager Dusty “Mark Prior’s Blood” Baker do with his premiere bullpen arm when he notices him struggling to get above 100 two games in a row? Rest him? Fuck that.

Dusty Baker trots him out to the mound for two more games so he can shake the cobwebs off.

Clearly his problem is that he’s throwing too much.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why people still give Dusty Baker a job.

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