Famed Street Artist “Space Invader” Arrested

They're here, they're here, oh god they're here!

What happens to the city of Los Angeles  when MOCA invites street artists from across the world to participate in what is being billed as the first major U.S.  exhibition on graffiti and street art?

The whole city gets tagged to shit of course.

So can we expect the police to act rationally and accept the fact that some of the most influential artists alive have gathered together in on small place in their humble city to exhibit their work, if only for a short time?

Fuck no, this is L.A. we can expect a harsh overreaction and multiple arrests.

And if we’re lucky, a beating or two.

“The exhibit kind of glorifies graffiti,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Augie Pando, who helps oversee the department’s anti-tagging campaign. “It puts taggers on front street.”

Authorities are concerned that the show is drawing taggers who might be wanted on vandalism charges elsewhere, said Jack Richter, an LAPD senior lead officer. Police have been taking photos of the dozens of pieces of graffiti found around the museum, hoping to eventually link them to specific taggers.

Sounds like a great way to treat influential artists to me, as crime suspects. This has extended to one such quite well known name in the street art world, a Frenchman who goes by the moniker Space Invader.

The Los Angeles Police Department believes one of two French nationals detained on suspicion of vandalism near MOCA’s Little Tokyo gallery was the famed street artist known as “Space Invader.”

The pair were detained Friday after authorities reportedly caught them with buckets of grout and pieces of tile near the historic Perez building in Little Tokyo.

Horrific thought indeed, they could’ve potentially glued tiles over things! The abomination!

After their release, the trademark mosaics were discovered attached to several buildings, including the Geffen Contemporary, he added.

Clearly such scare tactics have a tremendous effect upon the human psyche.

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